At Courtesy Buick-GMC of Chico, we're making the best cash offers for quality used cars in our history. Why? It all starts in Taiwan where new car electronics are made. There's a big shortage of those components, which means there's a big shortage of new cars. As a result, more people want used cars, so we'll pay top dollar for your car, truck or SUV today, whether you buy a vehicle from us or not. There's no better way to sell your car.

Selling your car to us is faster and easier than selling to anyone else

Yes, you could try to sell your current vehicle on your own. The real question is, do you really want the hassle? When you sell a car yourself, you first have to spend the time and money to clean it up and detail it so it competes with dealers like us.

Are the risks and the headaches really worth it?

When you sell your own car, after you've cleaned it up and fixed it up, you still have to sell it. That usually means figuring out how to write a good online ad, taking good quality photos and then hoping for a qualified, trustworthy buyer. All too often, potential buyers promise to stop by "very soon" and never arrive. If someone does appear, can you trust him? Even a cashier's check can be faked, which you won't discover till your car is gone.

A selling process that can take weeks can be done by us in a day

When you sell your car directly to us at Courtesy Buick-GMC of Chico, we'll give you an amazingly high cash or trade-in offer in advance. You can find out what that offer is in minutes by using our online Trade-In Form. Then bring your car and your offer to us. We'll check your car, verify the offer and do all the paperwork. All you do is sign and you'll get payment the same day. You can keep the money or use it as a trade-in.

One-stop selling: We'll even pay off your loan

If you owe money on a loan, the value of your used car will usually provide enough cash to pay off your loan, and we can take care of that for you. Whether you live in Redding or any other nearby community, sell your car the easy way: Contact us today at Courtesy Buick-GMC of Chico.

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